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Why do homeowners choose to replace their existing windows with the American Exteriors energy efficient replacement windows?
Here are great reasons why this homeowner replaced 16 of their windows with American Exteriors windows.

Dear American Exteriors,

We are very satisfied with our new American Exteriors windows! They completely changed the exterior look of our house, bringing it up to date! The white color of the windows really stands out against our siding, not like the old and dark colored aluminum windows. Some of our old windows didn’t work too well anymore, so it is wonderful to be able to easily open and close any of the windows. We absolutely love the three lite sliders we put in our living room and our family room. The view through the middle picture window is great, almost making us hesitate to put the window coverings back up.  Also, the three lite sliders each replaced two old windows, so that also saved us some money! Thanks to the sales representative for letting us know about that. The sales call was low key and very enjoyable. There was no pressure to do the whole house, so we did!

We live near a busy intersection and in the past could hear a lot of traffic noise. With the new windows installed, the difference is amazing. It seems at times that we have moved to the country. Also there was a storm one night with a lot of lightning and thunder, and we barely heard anything.

This has been a really hot summer, and we are anxious to see the difference in our utility bills now, and this winter. The heat coming from the sun through the new window s is almost nothing compared to the old ones. The low E glass should help with the life of our furniture and carpet also!

The installation process was very smooth. We had sixteen windows installed, and there were done in about ten hours. The installation crew was very friendly and conscientious about doing a good job. They were prompt in arrival on both days, and finished a little early on the second day, but waited on me to get home to inspect and approve the installation. It was only about 100 degrees during the installation, probably just a normal day for the crew!

Bill & Nell Waugh
Olathe, KS

Now is a great time of the season to look into replacing your windows with an energy efficient product. If you would like additional information, contact American Exteriors at

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