What A Great Stand-Alone Testimonial

WOW. What a great testimonial about American Exteriors.

To: the American Exteriors team
From:  Craig and Karen
Date: February 1, 2013

I am writing to let the whole group from American Exteriors know how pleased and happy my wife and I are with our new siding. 

We have spent some money over the years to keep our house built in 1980 up to date with siding repairs and fixes and some touch up painting from time to time.  We have the vertical wood siding that was popular back in those days and it had seen a lot of wear and tear over 30+ years.  We also had the windows replaced and updated (by another company) a little over 10 years ago.  One of the American Exteriors marketing/sales people were in the neighborhood in December looking for homeowners who would be willing to take a look at their product.  My wife and I decided it would be a good time to at least look and see what cost and time was involved, and what American Exteriors had to offer us.

Wow, were we amazed at the product and what it could do for us, and working with the sales person worked out a very good price to get our house totally resided.  We signed the deal that day, the siding was made and delivered 2 weeks later and in 3 days we had a new looking house.  We were a little leery about changing to horizontal siding from the vertical, and making a change in the primary color of our house, but wow, again.  Everything looks great from the street, and up close.  The installers worked through some tough weather and conditions, but did a very professional installation and were very good about keeping the yard tidy and cleaned up when they were done and gone off to the next job.

Our neighbors across the street had American Exteriors do their windows a few years ago, and after seeing the siding go up on our house, are working to get their house resided in the near future as well.  We also may go ahead and do the soffits and fascia in the next few years to make the transformation of our house really complete.

Thanks again specifically to the team that worked on our house.  They kept in constant contact with us all the way through the process.

Marketing Director – Jeff Winkler

Partnership Manager – Ashleigh Thatcher

Project Team – Ryan Stachon and Crystal Demilt

Installation Foreman – Omar Chaidez


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