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Many homeowners have issues with older windows that are hard to use. Windows that are hard to use can make life miserable and make what should be a comfortable home, uncomfortable. Homeowners have found that by replacing their older windows with new energy efficient vinyl windows, they can take back their home and make their home more energy efficient!

Here is a great example of how American Exteriors replacement energy efficient windows can increase the comfort of a home. These homeowners had very difficult windows and were very unhappy with them. By moving forward with American Exteriors, they were happy to have found a company that would make their life more comfortable and efficient!

Read about their experience with American Exteriors below!

Dear American Exteriors,

My husband and I were so excited when we were given the opportunity to put new windows in our home. The windows the house had when we bought it were old, and not of good quality. Most of them couldn’t open, and the ones that could were almost too heavy to open. They held in no heat in the winter and no cool in the summer. With Butte, MT having such a warm summer, we would sit in our house just miserable because it was SO HOT! We were very impressed when even the sample of window we were shown by Dan let no heat from a heat lamp through. That was exactly what we needed. And with all the discounts offered, before we knew it, we were on our way to 8 new windows on the main floor of our home. The installers were at our house right as they said they would arrive. They were very friendly, professional, and efficient. They worked hard all day long and finished exactly when they said they would. They cleaned up all of the mess; our home looked like it hadn’t been touched. We noticed right away that our house was cooler than it had been almost all summer. The windows open like a dream, unlike the old ones that needed someone who could bench 350lbs just to budge them open. They keep the cool in and keep the heat out. It has been a night and day change inside our home. We are no longer miserable inside our home, and I know it’s because of the wonderful windows we received from American Exteriors. We will definitely keep them I mind for our next large home project.


The Broadheads

These homeowners upgraded the windows in their home to an American Exteriors energy efficient window and were very happy they did! If you want more information on your own energy efficient windows or siding upgrade visit us at American Exteriors!

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