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“I recommend American Exteriors. They did the job in a timely manner and even cleaned up the mess they made. The workers were very friendly and easy to get along with. The job they did was very well done. we also had a window installed and it looks great. I highly recommend them because they do a fantastic job”
- Juan Haro
“We absolutely love these windows! They significantly reduced our monthly utility bills of course but they are so much more than that. We had a neighbor dog who would bark all the time. I would keep us up at night. After we got the new windows we couldn't hear the dog anymore. Very impressive. The service provided by American Exteriors was fantastic. They were able to work with our busy schedule and once the windows were installed, walked through the home with us to make sure we were satisfied with the job that they did.

We had such an amazing experience they we have now used them for a second time with our new home. Once again; amazing windows and great service. We very highly recommend American Exteriors.”
- Meredith & Sam Wenrich @ 04/7/20156 02:34
“We had a leak that we couldn't figure out. American Exteriors found the problem in a window seal when other couldn't. They provide a high quality window with excellent service but know that it comes with a premium price. The saying "you pay for what you get" is very apt here. We were very happy with their sales, installation and support staff. Everyone is very helpful and knowledgeable. We will be using them to replace the rest of the windows on our house in the future. It is comforting to know that these are great windows that (just in case) have a lifetime warranty.”
- Jo Ann Mooney
“Our windows look fabulous. The work was done timely and neatly. Every thing was cleaned up to include washing the windows.”
- Robert Erwin @ 06/24/2016 02:29
“We really enjoy the service, and do like the windows. it had make a big different in the bedrooms and during the winter months. Installers were really professional and on time.”
- Howard Clairevett @ 06/24/2016 03:01
“Our siding looks great. Everyone is complementing on how wonderful it looks! The crew was very fast! It only took them a day and a half to get the siding up. They did a great job with cleanup when they were done as well.”
- Heather Handy
“We are very satisfied with upgrading the original 1950's steel sash, single pane windows on our home to new double glazed, low-e windows provided by American Exteriors. American Exteriors presented and explained their product well and helped with financing our upgrade. The American Exteriors installation crew was friendly, courteous and asked us for approval of how they would finish the construction details during the installation, so we knew what we would expect. Now our home looks much better, and we feel more comfortable and secure.”
- Ernie and Melissa Shih
“We had our windows installed in two phases. After the front windows were in, we were very pleased with the overall aesthetics and clarity. Our living area was incredibly brighter! Now that the second phase is complete and all our windows are in, we couldn't be happier. Evidence of the superior insulation could be seen a few nights ago when a significant thunderstorm rolled through our area and we noticed how quiet the house was. We're loving it! I would highly recommend these windows to anyone and especially those who live in high noise areas.”
- Clint Burpo @ 06/24/2016 02:40
“We think our new windows and slider are wonderful. not only are they attractive the noise reduction has been very nice,due to the fact we live by A airport. Customer service was Great!! some off the best work ethic Rod and I have ever seen.American Exteriors your the best!!”
- Rod and Janey Mabe
“American Exteriors replaced my windows several years ago and recently replaced the fascia and soffits on my house. Everyone was wonderful to work with and the products look great. I love the windows. My house is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, they are easy to clean and really improve my house. And the good news is that my utility bills have gone down thanks to the great windows.”
- Patti McGill
“Great work”
- Mike
“I had the original, 50-year-old aluminum frame windows with storm windows on my home replaced by American Exteriors. I was impressed with the quality and speed of the installation done by Ben Spots and his crew. I had new windowsills installed on four windows, which look great and are ready for staining. The windows themselves are very attractive and I'm looking forward to seeing what the difference will be in my heating bills. I selected American Exteriors on the basis of price, quality, and the fact that the windows are manufactured locally.”
- Holly Van Kleek
“The installers showed up on time and had the job done quick,clean and professional. Compared to other companies I shopped at for Windows this company had the best prices for what they offered.”
- Jeremy & Barb Kabler
“my name is Andrew J. Langin and this is my testimonial on the wonderful experience I had working with the folds at American Exteriors. I am a heavy equipment mechanic and painter by profession, and usually do my home improvements myself. I have refinished all the hard wood floors on the main floor, plus in the main floor bath room so it was very easy for me to be critical of quality workmanship. This company made it so easy for me to make the decision not to do my own windows, it was amazing. Their sales personal approached me thoughtfully, courteously, and respectfully. They explained the product very will. The sales experience was even enjoyable! Once I was convinced of the quality of the product, the sale personal worked with multiple financing options to get me something that was in my best interest. Soon it wes time for the installation process to begin, The contractor explained the steps they were taking for me and my family with regards to lead in 1950 homes. This was important to me because I am raising a ten your old daughter by myself. They chose a nice day for Iowa in February, that was thirty eight degrees and got eleven windows installed in an eight hour day. That was impressive. They even managed to save my period trim on the interior. Everything looked great. IN closing I am looking forward to the energy savings provided by the new windows. I would refer any of my friends and neighbors who ere on the fence about new windows of siding to American Exteriors.”
- Andrew Langin
“Since the instillation of our windows traffic noise has ceased to exist. The rooms of the house already feels warmer and the furnace doesn't constantly run. The installers were more than cordial, prompt and courteous; even though the weather was less than satisfactory(10 below windchill). We look forward to working with American Exteriors for all of our future home renovations. Robert, Caitlin and Teagan”
- Robert Mundorf
“My old windows were leaky. I could stand by them on cold days and feel a lot of cold air coming in. A few days after American Exteriors installed my new windows, we had a blizzard - wind-chill temperatures of 20 to 30 below. The windows did a much better job of keeping the heat in and the house doesn't feel drafty anymore. They also keep out more street noise. I look forward to the summer when I can actually open all the windows; many of my old windows didn't open or were painted shut! Much better windows and the installation went quickly.”
- David Robertson
“From the beginning to today's installment, it has been a pleasant learning experience with AMERICAN EXTERIORS. Mac Gillis, who initiated the process, was forward with answers to my many questions and financial concerns;I believed that he tried to work with me for the most favorable "discounts" or "promotions" available to enable my purchase. Other than the normal event of occasional "telephone tag" company personnel were available with clarity. Today's installment by Ted Clark and his crew was admirable. They arrived as scheduled, identified themselves, set to work methodically, patiently,and skillfully. Their efficiency impressed me;their cleanup was quite thorough. They were amused but patient as I documented this adventure with photos of their work.
With conviction I would gladly recommend American Exteriors to acquaintances.”
- Mary Martin Lane
-Waterloo, IA - 06/24/2016
“I had five Windows installed two in the living room can feel the difference that the room is staying warmer two Windows done in my daughter's room what a big difference in the look and no more draft in her room one window installed in the bathroom with privacy glass. The installers did a great job cleaned everything up inside and outside very friendly explained how to open and close the Windows.they set up easy payment plan for the Windows what a great company to have install my windows I will be having more Windows installed by them in the near future”
- Kirk Fletcher
“We are enjoying our new windows. We can feel a difference in the heat that use to come in the living room. Now it is very comfortable, plus it cut down on the noise from the traffic. Our neighbors and family commented that it gave the home an upgrade in appearance. We are very pleased and love the new look!!
Thank you so much American Exteriors. You're number one in our book!
Jesse and Shawna”
- Jesse Valladollo @ 06/24/2016 02:32
“We replaced a number of old aluminum framed windows several years ago with windows from Amerian Exteriors but had to hold on replacing the main picture window. Because of our favorable experience the first go round, we were pleased to recently finally get the picture window replaced as well.”
- Leo Gines
“We had 10 windows all together, 5 old and 5 new in our home before we talked to American Exteriors. They came out and evaluated the widows and even showed us the difference between our newer vinyl windows and what they would be installing and how they were better. The representative pointed out how one of our new vinyl windows weren't installed correct, but that they will work for now and that there installers and windows fit nice and snug and are custom fit and she was right. We ended up replacing only the old 5 windows and can tell a huge difference. They look great for one, but they keep out more cold air, the basement is not as cold(it's winter). They have noise cancellation too, all in all we feel more secure. The installers were nice and informative when we had questions. Very pleased with our new windows! Will think about replacing other vinyl ones we had before in the future. And tell my friends and family about American exteriors. Thanks!”
- Jordan & Margarita Wayman
-Magna, UT - 05/10/2016
“We hae had the windows for just a short time but can already tell the difference as the windows we took out were from around 1919. The ease of use and cleaning is great.the installer was very profetional and excellent in what he was doing. We had 17 turned into 11 and it was done in just 2 days.we are highly recommending them. It made our house look so much newer.”
- Jon and Ann Miller @ 06/24/2016 03:21
“I love my new windows! I can already tell a difference in the amount of heat coming into my living room through the windows when the sun is shining. I expect I will likewise notice less cold air leaking into my house this winter. My rooms look so much more open and attractive with my new windows, I hate to put up blinds!”
- I love my new windows!
“The siding is absolutely wonderful! I showed coworkers pictures and they commented on how nice it looks. The house is much quieter from outside noise now. Workers were super fast and extremely friendly. They did a great job on everything including clean up. So happy I never have to paint outside of house ever again.”
- The siding is absolutely wonderful!
“My wife and I decided that we were at an end of putting up with the cold of Winter getting through our old windows (equally tired of the heat of Summer making life uncomfortable) so we took the step to have a quote from American Exterior to replace our tired old windows with some state of the art windows. It was a big investment but already we are thrilled with the benefits and the improved look our new windows give to our home. The furnace overnight is set 5 degrees lower than we were setting it and we are still comfortable and during the day we are finding that 67 is a nice level to live at (verses 71 with the old windows). They look great, they are easy to clean and they really do work wonders. We are all set to see our heating and our cooling bills substantially lower than they have been. The Company is great to deal with and the installers did a terrific job. We are super pleased with the product and the service and recommend them highly.”
- Bob & Sheila Tennent
“The new windows are absolutely great! The workmen showed up when they were scheduled to and were quick, efficient and very polite. We have had several neighbors compliment us on the new look of the windows. Thank you American Exteriors!”
- Roger Stovie
“I am very pleased with my new windows. We live on a busy street and I always heard the traffic outside, but with my new windows...I don't hear it. The contractor that installed the windows was amazing. He did a beautiful job plus he cleaned up so well that you didn't even notice he was there. I would recommend American Exteriors to everyone that needs new windows or sideing.”
- Lori Schulz @ 06/29/2016 08:40
“My experience with American exteriors was great. We set a date for the installation and a time, and they were on time and efficient as well. I would recommend their services to any one. I appreciate all their help. Thank you so much.”
- Elias Rico
“I'm so glad I decided to purchase my windows from American Exteriors. They made a big difference in the looks of my home, The people that installed them were very good and did an excellent Job.”
- Florence Sercel @ 06/24/2016 02:46
“These new windows are amazing! They have stood up to the rain, snow, and hail that Colorado has to throw at them. They have also blocked out a lot of sound from outside, so I am no longer waking up at 5am when the birds start chirping.”
- New windows are amazing!
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“I love my new windows! I can already tell a difference in the amount of heat coming into my living room...”
“From the beginning to today's installment, it has been a pleasant learning experience with AMERICAN EXTERIORS....”06/24/2016
“We absolutely love these windows! They significantly reduced our monthly utility bills of course but they are...”
“We had 10 windows all together, 5 old and 5 new in our home before we talked to American Exteriors. They came...”05/10/2016
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