Energy Efficient Windows Installed by American Exteriors

Energy Efficient WindowsEnergy efficient windows are increasingly becoming more popular for homeowners looking to update their homes with innovative insulating features.

What makes our windows energy efficient? Let’s start with the frame. Constructed with pure virgin vinyl for exceptional durability, our window frames include a number of internal chambers that act as buffers for heat transference. Additionally, our replacement windows are built with multiple panes of glass that are all layered with a low-emissivity coating to further reduce heat transference and to block potentially harmful UV rays. The final detail comes down to our patented DuraSeal™ spacer, which has:

  • Low heat conductivity to act as another barrier to heat moving between the panes
  • Argon-resistant adhesives to keep this insulating gas inside the window for longer
  • Moisture-resistant lining that virtually eliminates the risk of seal failure

Our DuraSeal™ spacer is designed to expand and contract at a rate similar to the window itself to ensure optimal efficiency. With all these innovative features working together to insulate your home, you could potentially see a reduction in your monthly energy bills.

And, when you choose American Exteriors for your energy efficient windows, you’ll not only get functionality, but also style. You can choose from double-hung, sliding, bow, bay, casement, and picture windows, which are all available in a number of colors to match or complement your home’s architecture.

To learn more about our top-of-the-line energy efficient windows, contact American Exteriors today. Also, asking about financing options that are available for all home windows replacement projects.

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